February is the month of meh, a creative black hole about which no-one ever writes songs, ever. Luckily, here's In Focus to lift your spirits. This edition, we talk COBOL, give you the chance to put the Fire back in your life and blow the dust off your 'legacy' IT.
Logistical challenge
Logistics companies know lots about moving stuff from one place to another. It's pretty much all they do. However, OM Logistics had a challenge of their own when they wanted to shift their key applications on to cloud and mobile platforms and boost application efficiency by 30%.
Find out their story here.

Language barrier?  
COBOL: it's so yesterday, right? Wrong. COBOL is ubiquitous. You're probably using it now. Fast, accurate and easy to learn, it's never been better. It supports everyday life in more ways than you thought possible: there are 220 billion lines of code out there. Scot Nielsen – The COBOL Guy – can tell you why in just over 100 lines of blog.

Derek Britton: IT Mythbuster
We have exposed the IT legacy myth as being exactly that – a fallacy reinforced by baseless, negative stereotyping. So now you have learned to love your more established IT, what are you going to do with it? Let Derek Britton take you from legacy to legendary IT.

Silk Performer Webinar 
'Seven seconds away, just as long as I stay'. It's as though Neneh Cherry realised in 1994 that 18 years later Borland would identify the minimum load time for websites to deliver before hosts risked losing seven million bucks. Find out how to create superior web user experiences that work.

Caliber podcast
Lockheed Martin the home of the F35 Lightning jet – know about delivering on mission-critical projects. When your core business is defence, there's no room for error or delay. Naturally they use Borland Caliber. Join Melissa Bradshaw, a project manager with Lockheed Martin, as she discusses the successful Maximizing Adoption of Requirements Management Tools.

A new shade of Rumba
The mainframe goes mobile… Rumba+ see for yourself

A lot of knowledge goes a little way
Customer Care is delighted to announce that the Knowledge Base has been moved to the Micro Focus Community providing you, our customers, with a 'one stop shop' to receive support, knowledge and interact with each other.


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