Corporate Responsibility

The Management Team, is committed to running the Company in accordance with best practice in corporate governance. This commitment includes recognition by the Company of the importance of taking into account its corporate social responsibilities ("CSR") in operating the business. In this context, Micro Focus seeks to integrate CSR considerations relating particularly to social, ethical and health, safety and environment("HS&E") issues in its day-to-day operations. The Management Team acknowledges its duty to ensure the Company conducts its activities responsibly and with proper regard for all its stakeholders including employees, shareholders, business partners, suppliers and the local communities.

In exercising its corporate social responsibility, Micro Focus seeks to ensure that:

  • The Management Team takes account of the significance of social, ethical and HS&E issues;

  • Business practices are managed ethically;

  • The business is focused on delivering value to stakeholders;

  • Existing legislation, regulations and guidelines are adhered to as a minimum;

  • Employees are recognised as key to the business with individual skills and experience being valued and developed; and Health, safety and environmental issues are treated as critical areas of concern for the business.