Eurogate saves millions from migration to Linux IT

Ismaning, Germany, 8 April 2010 At its container terminal in the port of Hamburg, Eurogate has migrated a container administration application from its mainframe to Linux. As a result, Eurogate is set to cut its IT overheads by millions of euros per year. Tools from Micro Focus were used to automate the program conversion. The project has an ROI of just six months. 

Eurogate, Europe’s leading container terminal logistics group, has for years used a mainframe application for container administration at its Hamburg port terminal.  

To reduce its high operating costs, it has migrated this COBOL application without modifications to an open platform with virtual machines under Linux on HP servers. The full array of functions is available for further use on the new platform.

Micro Focus, the leading vendor of modernisation, testing and management of Enterprise applications, supplied Eurogate with tools that enabled it to convert 99 % of its programs automatically. The business logic programmed in COBOL which controls all business processes was migrated without the need for modifications. The remaining additions and adjustments for the new environment were also developed in COBOL with Micro Focus Studio and Net Express.

The migration means Eurogate will cut its costs by several millions per year. One of the ways the move from mainframe to Linux makes this possible is by switching from 7*24 operation with a permanent operator to operator-less running with merely a stand-by service. What’s more, the new system uses 5 - 7 % less power. That also gives the migration to the new platform excellent green credentials.

Apart from the cost savings, the new system, which is based on standard technologies, offers Eurogate increased future-proofing. It provides a flexible basis for future requirements, for instance the integration of web applications or new peripherals like mobile phones or tablets. The assimilation of new developments like these would only have been possible on the old mainframe system at enormous cost.

"The overheads for the mainframe ran into seven figures ", says Patrick Jandt, Hamburg Branch Director of Eurogate IT Services GmbH. "We wanted to slash IT costs, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. It means the migration project will pay for itself in just six months."


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