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Micro Focus Showcases New Generation Developer Tools at Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Launch

New products integrate with Visual Studio 2010 to greatly simplify applications development and testing

NEWBURY, England, 12 April 2010 — Micro Focus® (LSE.MCRO.L), a leading provider of Enterprise Application Modernisation, Testing and Management solutions, today announces four new product releases as part of the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The new products, Micro Focus Visual COBOL®, Micro Focus Silk4Net™, Micro Focus DevPartner® Studio and Micro Focus Analyzer Express™, enable customers to develop, analyze and test for the highest quality code, greatly simplifying the tasks and challenges faced by application developers. All of these products are fully integrated with Visual Studio 2010, and are being showcased at Microsoft’s launch events in Las Vegas and Bangalore and in launch activities in other major cities worldwide.

“With this announcement, Microsoft and Micro Focus enable a combined development, testing, analysis and deployment solution to help broaden user options and evolution for business-critical applications across platforms," said Melinda Ballou, program director for the Application Lifecycle Management Service at IDC, a leading research and advisory company headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts.

"At a time when many organizations struggle with inadequate quality and development resources, the cost saving potential and increased efficiency across teams and across disparate platforms is key. This can help users to improve and evolve legacy and emerging new applications quickly and at lower cost, leveraging a platform that integrates these Micro Focus products with the new capabilities of VSTS 2010, including tighter Sharepoint and Microsoft Project 2010 integration,” said Ballou.

Overview of Products

Micro Focus Visual COBOL enables developers to exploit existing enterprise applications on the Microsoft platform. The millions of organisations that continue to rely on COBOL-based applications to run their business now have a low-risk opportunity to take advantage of Visual Studio 2010 without the need for rewriting their applications. Key benefits include:

  • Significantly reduced time to build, extend and maintain applications.
  • Greater customer satisfaction as a result of modern UIs and improved application quality using Visual Studio 2010 and .NET frameworks.
  • Maximised developer productivity by using modern development and testing technology.

Micro Focus Silk4Net
, the proven choice of QA professionals for powerful, functional and regression test automation, brings the best test automation capabilities to Visual Studio 2010. It achieves the benefits that have been sought after with test automation for many years and are now demanded in Agile transformations. These benefits include:

  • The ability to test a variety of application types from Visual Studio 2010.
  • Detects defects earlier in projects and reduced rework through more frequent testing that complete in less time.
  • For testing teams, it reduces repetitive manual testing enabling more qualitative testing.


Micro Focus DevPartner Studio enables developers to debug, analyze, test and tune applications and will deliver enhanced visibility into the inner workings of applications being developed within Visual Studio 2010. Key benefits here include:

  • Automatic detection and diagnosis of software defects, performance problems and security vulnerabilities.
  • Improvement of overall software quality by taking advantage of built-in coding standards and best practices.
  • Management visibility with actionable reports revealing the quality and stability of the code base.  


Micro Focus Analyzer Express for Visual Studio helps developers accelerate their day-to-day maintenance activities. Developers can be faced with complex application structures, which can be extremely challenging to fully understand. This slows the execution of much needed business requirements. Key benefits here include:

  • Acceleration of development activities allowing development team members to gain greater insights into applications they need every day. This knowledge means that change requests can be executed faster, reducing the time required to complete a business requirement by up to 45%.
  • Immediate access to data-flow analysis, enabling entire teams to be ‘instant experts’ and as much as 40% more effective.
  • Improvement of application quality due to access to accurate and complete data-flow analysis, which helps development teams avoid costly errors and re-work that can lead to poor quality applications.


“We are delighted to be offering customers the ability to develop and deliver higher quality products,” said Peter Duffell, vice president, Strategic Partners, of Micro Focus. “Our presence in the roll-out of Visual Studio 2010 demonstrates both the relevance of core IT assets within global organisations’ IT infrastructures and the demand from the developer community to exploit them on Microsoft platforms. As we look to the future, Micro Focus will continue to work closely with its customers to provide them with tools, applications and software to support their business and vision for success.”

“We’re very pleased to have Micro Focus, a Visual Studio Industry Partner, play such a critical role in one of our most important launches for 2010,” said Jason Zander, general manager of the Visual Studio Developer Division at Microsoft. “Each of Micro Focus’ products uses Visual Studio 2010 to its fullest potential, enabling developers to more easily build new applications and manage their existing applications.”

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