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New Borland Silk Test Improves Web Testing for Quicker Time to Market

Silk Test 13.0 Delivers Multi-Channel Testing for Better Software, Faster

Newbury, 30 May, 2012

Micro Focus®(LSE.MCRO.L), the leading provider of enterprise application modernization, testing and management solutions, today announced the general availability of Borland Silk Test™ 13.0, the latest version of its premier test automation suite.  Silk Test 13.0 increases the broad range of application technologies for Windows, significantly improves usability, and delivers more advanced dynamic Web and custom control support enhancements.

Silk Test 13.0 is extending its Web testing capabilities by adding support for Google Chrome and enhancing support for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Compared to competitive products and previous releases of Silk Test, the Web testing enhancements delivered in Silk Test 13.0 greatly reduces the test maintenance effort, as one test and script will work across all browsers. Ultimately this ease of creation and support will reduce test cycles and assist in speeding up product time to market.

Silk Test is widely used by companies to replace repetitive manual testing with automated tests that are run on a regular basis. The ability to create accurate test automation across a broad range of application technologies helps organizations check software continuously as it changes, ensuring that defects don’t occur and that the applications run reliably.

“In today’s multi-device, multi-channel environment, businesses need to have the ability to test new applications that can be validated and checked across any device an end user might have,” said Archie Roboostoff, Borland Portfolio Director, Micro Focus. “With Silk Test, we are giving organizations an automated test environment which works across a range of platforms, reducing the testing effort and reducing time to market. Organizations using Silk Test will continue to build better software faster, regardless of framework, platform or system.”

New features include:

  • Seamless Cross Browser Testing - Extended Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome support. Using one script for running tests in multiple browser types and versions reduces effort and maintenance of testing practices.

  • Silk Test WorkBench Enhancements – Enhanced debugging capabilities and direct .NET referencing from the command line delivers complete control over the testing environment.

  • Results Analysis with Truelog Explorer - Enhanced visual results analysis using the TrueLog Explorer for Silk Test Classic and Silk4J gives testers the ability to not only see where there is a problem but why the problem happened in the first place.

In addition, new capabilities such as Microsoft Accessibility and text capturing make it easier to automate highly customized controls. While enhanced debugging, script re-use and additional object map features provide a much intuitive user experience within the SilkTest WorkBench, Micro Focus has also streamlined the user interface design across Silk Test 13.0 to further increase productivity.

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