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The Micro Focus Academic Program is our ongoing commitment to address the IT skills challenge facing many business organizations worldwide. The heavy investment in critical business applications that keep large corporations moving is at risk. The industry needs its graduates to contribute where it matters most. Skills in key areas such as business programming languages are essential to deliver application changes at the pace demanded today.

Our Academic Program is designed to promote and foster the education, enablement, and development of the COBOL language and business-based application development skills within today’s universities.

Academic Program Objectives

  • Enable the education, promotion, and development of the COBOL language within Universities worldwide.

  • Support new and existing university IT programs to meet the demands of today’s business organization.

  • Facilitate, sponsor, and encourage greater collaboration between the business organization and academic communities.

  • Provide an interface through which existing students can connect with prospective employers, seeking COBOL based development skills.

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