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Up to 70% of software defects are introduced during requirements gathering and design stages.

Improving the quality of requirements has an immediate and dramatic effect on your project’s success, in addition to a number of other benefits...

  • Reduction in reworking and the risk of miscommunication
  • Development is focused on the features that deliver the highest return
  • Testing and QA can be carried out directly against requirements, increasing user acceptance
  • Your end-users are satisfied and happy


Bringing your software requirements to lifeSince the dawn of time, miscommunication and misinterpretation have been the cause of so many problems. This can also be the case with requirements definition and management. Make sure everyone is speaking the same language when it comes to requirements.

White paper RDMSuccessful projects start with high quality requirements: Defining requirements clearly and accurately at the outset speeds software development processes and delivers dramatic savings. 

Data sheetData sheet
: Over 70% of defects are introduced into software projects at the requirements and design stage. The data sheet outlines the challenges of requirements definition and management and highlights the features and benefits of CaliberRDM.

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