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Micro Focus' mainframe PL/I migration solution
The Micro Focus mainframe migration solution for PL/I

Micro Focus’ Mainframe PL/I Deployment Solution

A low risk, self funding alterative to rewrite or replacement strategies for PL/I assets

The operating costs of mainframe PL/I applications exceed $1 billion per annum. To help organizations reduce this cost, Micro Focus offers the first complete, cross-platform deployment solution to move mainframe PL/I applications, with minimal changes to Linux®, UNIX® or Windows Server ® platforms, where they can operate for a fraction of the cost.

Micro Focus Studio and Server Enterprise Edition provide a new, low-risk alternative when considering your modernization options for your PL/I application portfolios. It avoids the need to rewrite, convert or replace the mature PL/I applications which deliver unique competitive advantage to your business.

The key benefit of this approach is that it can, very quickly, deliver operating cost savings of up to 77%, a proportion of which can then be used to self fund further modernization initiatives for years to come.

Micro Focus’s PL/I deployment solution is built upon our mature mainframe COBOL delivery technology, used by more than 200 organizations, to help rehost applications that consumed a combined total of over 50,000 mainframe MIPS.

arrow_badge_icon.gif Read about some of these deployment success stories

By participating in an early adopter program for the PL/I deployment capabilities, some organizations have already completed projects which are delivering business benefit, ahead of the product being launched. These include:

A major provider of insurance business process outsourcingA leading insurance BPO who deployed one client’s complete life and pensions application to a Windows Server improving performance and cutting operating costs by 70 percent. Read more.

Banca Fideuram who, with assistance from Intersistemi, moved a suite of customer facing systems from the group's mainframe to Windows, save €3 million in mainframe software charges. Read more.

A prominent financial services provider who has replicated its most strategic  insurance system on Linux servers to provide platform flexibility and anticipated savings of tens of millions of Euro per annum.