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If information is the lifeblood of your enterprise then your systems are the arteries. They must work without barriers across all technologies, operating systems, hardware platforms, and programming languages.

The Micro Focus Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) portfolio – Orbacus, Orbix, VisiBroker, OpenFusion and Artix is the heartbeat of around 600 successful enterprise customers. They include large multinational telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing and government organisations. They want vital distributed services, such as transactions, security, and messaging. They need to meet demanding requirements for scalability, performance, and deployment flexibility. Put Micro Focus CORBA at the heart of your system architecture.

Imagine your Enterprise world interoperating without barriers!
Say hello to Orbacus, Orbix,
VisiBroker, Artix and now OpenFusion.

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Orbix The world's most widely deployed enterprise CORBA solution. Three quarters of the world's financial institutions use Orbix.


VisibrokerEnables organizations to develop, connect and deploy complex distributed applications that have to meet very high performance and reliability standards.


OrbacusOrbacus is a source available CORBA 2.6 implementation that has been deployed around the world in mission-critical systems.


ArtixExtensible ESB that deploys, manages and secures a service-oriented architecture without requiring a centralized hub.


OpenFusionOpenFusion combines open source enterprise ORBs, TAO and JacORB with advanced CORBA services and security.

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TrialsEvaluate the latest features and enhancements of Orbix3, Orbix 6, VisiBroker, Orbacus and Artix, with a free 30 day no obligation trial.

“VisiBroker’s start-up time is a differentiator and the competitive edge that we need to succeed.” - Peter Marquez, Senior Partner, Sales and Marketing, eCube Systems

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