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Mainframe Express Enterprise Edition

Offloading Mainframe Application Development

Mainframe Express® Enterprise Edition significantly increases development productivity through off-loading the development environment from a mainframe to Windows.

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Mainframe Express Enterprise Edition delivers a complete mainframe development environment on Windows. Organizations benefit from significantly increased developer performance and productivity.

Improve developer productivity

Developer productivity can increase by over 35% by off-loading the development environment of a mainframe application to Windows. This is achieved by giving developers access to far greater processing power than is usually available to development processes in mainframe environments. These productivity improvements deliver additional business benefits: Time-to-market can be reduced, development costs are reduced and resources can be freed for more innovative developments which increase competitiveness.

Resources for innovation

By increasing development productivity, more can be achieved with less. As a result, a higher percentage of development resources can be focused on more innovative projects rather than maintaining existing applications.

Address mainframe skills shortages

Migrating development environments off the mainframe removes the risk of shrinking numbers of mainframe programmers.

Powerful integrated development environment

Improves developer productivity through use of modern processors, graphical interfaces and Windows operating platform.

Application development lifecycle support on the desktop

Improves both developer productivity and product quality.

Application modernization through SOA

Greater integration and extensibility simplifies applications and generates increased competitiveness through improved ease of use.

Team collaboration

Improves developer productivity through easier sharing of development resources.

Host connectivity

Improves development lifecycles.

Comprehensive mainframe subsystem support

Improves developer productivity through complete replicated mainframe environment on Windows.


Kaufpark needed a cost-effective solution to improve business operations and deliver new business integration capability. Kaufpark produced a feasibility study on moving its applic...


Micro Focus products gave CSC Financial Services Group a cost-effective way to enhance and deploy financial services software on both mainframes and low-cost environments.


TietoEnator saw a dramatic decrease in MIPS usage, and reduced costs by 66% while improving flexibility and developer productivity.


Gjensidige increased competitive advantage by creating a modern data warehouse using existing technology and skills, saving $150,000 a year and improving test and development effic...

Fidelity Information Services

Improving developer productivity for a core banking application was a priority for Fidelity Information Services. Mainframe Express Enterprise Edition helped it achieve this while ...

CSC Airline Solutions

CSC Airline Solutions needed to modernize its archaic development environment. Micro Focus provided the more productive development tools the company wanted.

American Management Systems

Reduced Mainframe charges by 50%
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