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extend® is a full suite of software solutions enabling developers to build, maintain, modernize and deploy their COBOL applications across more than 600 platforms. The core components of extend are the ACUCOBOL-GT development system and the COBOL Virtual Machine.

The COBOL applications developers build and deploy using extend will deliver business agility and competitive advantage by rapidly implementing core requirements into users’ business applications. These solutions ‘extend’ COBOL development and deployment tools – hence the name – so businesses use the latest industry technology to incrementally improve core business applications.

extend has full interoperability with Java, C, COM, .NET and supports the major distributed platforms, including Windows, UNIX and Linux. It has full data access and support via relational database management systems, business intelligence, and reporting tools. The GUI design capabilities within extend deliver rich user interface enhancement for COBOL applications.

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extend includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors.

ACUCOBOL-GT® is an advanced, open systems COBOL development compiler and deployment environment. It improves ongoing application maintenance, reduces development cost and increases application modernization capability.

AcuBench®, the IDE for ACUCOBOL-GT accelerates COBOL development and proficiency. The graphical interface to the specialized code generation tools and those within the ACUCOBOL-GT development system, AcuBench helps improve COBOL development effectiveness and efficiency.

ACUCOBOL-GT® is a multi-platform COBOL runtime environment offering application deployment to Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms.

AcuConnect® is a COBOL client/server solution deployed either in a distributed processing or a thin client architecture.

The thin client technology delivers rich user interfaces with small client footprint in client/server applications. The Web Thin Client exposes these user interfaces within web browsers for maximum flexibility.

Distributed processing enables users to divide application processing among multiple UNIX, Linux, and Windows machines for optimal performance. Most of the processing can take place on the client or on the server – or any way that fits the user processing profile.

AcuServer® is a distributed file server providing secure and rapid access to Vision, sequential, relative and object files on remote server machines.

Acu4GL® provides COBOL data access to Relational Database Management Systems, giving organizations the power and flexibility of an RDBMS without having to abandon their investment in COBOL by providing seamless access between COBOL and Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC, and DB2 databases.

AcuXDBC® provides ODBC/JDBC access to COBOL data, providing a simple solution to the challenges of extracting valuable data held in COBOL systems.  By exposing locked data to industry standard ODBC and JDBC interfaces, standard business intelligence applications such as Microsoft Excel, SAP Business Objects, can access the data.

AcuSQL® is a simple, cost-effective solution for IT organizations that want to use embedded SQL statements in their COBOL programs to access SQL data sources.

Xcentrisity® Business Information Server (BIS) is a web server environment that makes application sessions available via any web browser or any web user agent with access to the BIS server.

With Xcentrisity BIS, IT organizations can distribute their business applications across multiple platforms, operating systems and the web with a minimum of programming and maintenance. It enables application developers to build Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications.

Building on the power of XML and working with industry-standard web servers such as Microsoft IIS and Apache, BIS is a unique opportunity to build state-of-the-art, browser-based web applications, using traditional COBOL programs, data files and databases.

In addition with RMNet, the subprograms within ACUCOBOL-GT enable it to send messages and receive responses using HTTP and utilize web services.

Leading food distributor, CA Curtze (via their specialist SalesPro Technologies division), delivers mobile and web solutions through core business innovation - achieving ROI in three months.

Chyun Huei Health Tech used ACUCOBOL-GT to consolidate Taiwan Department of Health’s IT across 28 hospitals, saving $17.2m in application development costs and $1.7m in maintenance fees.

Using Xcentrisity BIS, Siedlungswerk – an estate agency based in Stuttgart – was able to move its character-oriented application to a web application and take advantage of new technologies, including XML, Web Services and HTML.

Xcentrisity enabled tax credit research and retrieval experts, M.A.R.S STOUT to quickly develop a true web application built on COBOL ensuring a high level of release-to-release integrity.

Casino and gaming software provider, Table Trac needed to modernize its application portfolio and prepare to move into future technologies while preserving intellectual property and business logic. Xcentrisity BIS proved to be the key to unlocking these capabilities.