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Net Express / Server Express

Powerful and comprehensive COBOL development and deployment tools

Net Express (for Windows) and Server Express (for Linux and UNIX) are highly productive development environments for COBOL which enable developers to produce high performance enterprise applications that run on a wide range of hardware and operating systems.

Net Express and Server Express are integrated application development environments for COBOL developers. Using these tools, developers are able to modernize existing COBOL – and deliver substantial improvements to enterprise applications by modernizing User Interfaces, business logic, data storage and data access. Net Express and Server Express provide the freedom to deploy applications to the widest range of platforms.

Increase developer productivity

Integration with Visual Studio combines the ease-of-use and familiarity of Visual Studio with the power and usability of COBOL, and integration with Eclipse significantly increases developer productivity by exploiting Eclipse tools, improving time-to-market for new products and capabilities.

Protect existing investment and intellectual property

Existing COBOL applications have extensive business logic built into them, which can contain valuable competitive advantage. Being able to use these applications in new environments for decades to come ensures that both investment and market opportunity are maximized.

Multiple deployment options

Applications written in COBOL can be deployed to many platforms and frameworks through Net Express With .Net, Net Express for Eclipse
Server Express for Eclipse and Server Express Remote Deployment Option (RDO).

Market leading COBOL development tools

Net Express and Server Express continue to prove themselves in the COBOL market place, delivering high productivity tools for robust, high performance applications. 

Visual Studio 2008 or Eclipse

Existing developers become more productive and new developers can use their IDE skills to get up to speed on COBOL quickly.

Remote Development Option for Eclipse

Server Express RDO removes unnecessary steps from developing for remote Unix and Linux servers bringing even greater productivity to development teams.

Simple access to COBOL data

Opening up COBOL data to spreadsheets and BI and reporting systems with the Micro Focus XDBC option delivers valuable insight into business performance.

Deploys to a wide range of platforms

Take advantage in of the cost benefit advantages of modern platforms and achieve the highest levels of performance, precision and reliability possible.

COBOL as a full .NET language

Net Express with .NET along with the high performance runtime system, Server for .NET, means that developers can take advantage of .NET functionality to build compelling and attractive new WPF and Winform applications, with all the interconnectivity of WCF.

The power of COBOL with SOA

With the high performance runtime system, Server for SOA, developers can quickly harness the power of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) building reliable, enterprise class interconnectivity into their solutions.

Visual COBOL – the next generation of COBOL development and deployment tools. Produce COBOL applications that take full advantage of Windows and .NET and other distributed platforms.

Net Express product suite

Net Express –  quickly build and modernize COBOL enterprise components and business applications on Windows
Net Express for Eclipse –  COBOL development environment  for extending business processes to the Eclipse framework on Windows
Net Express with .NET – COBOL development environment for extending business processes to the .NET framework and other distributed platforms

Server Express product suite

Server Express – create scalable, high-performance business applications for UNIX and Linux
Server Express for Eclipse - COBOL development environment  for extending business processes to the Eclipse framework on UNIX/Linux
Server Express RDO - Remote development option
Upgrade to Server Express v5

COBOL Deployment

Server for COBOL
Server for .NET
Server for SOA 
SOA Express
Studio for COBOL Developer
Studio for ISVs

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