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Rich modern COBOL development environment

Visual COBOLVisual COBOL delivers the next generation of COBOL development and deployment. It brings the productivity of modern, industry-leading Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) to COBOL, including the ability to deploy key business-critical COBOL applications to Windows, unix, Linux, .NET, JVM and the cloud.

Visual COBOL provides the most modern integrated COBOL application development environment in the industry. It combines the leading development environments (Eclipse and/or Visual Studio) with the most significant COBOL update of the last decade. Visual COBOL delivers the power to build and develop mission-critical applications on the business platform that makes most business sense for any enterprise.

Future proof business-critical applications

Visual COBOL makes it possible to create and continue to develop enterprise class business-critical applications that run on the widest range of platforms. This means that existing applications can be deployed onto new platforms, including .NET, JVM and the cloud, maintaining and extending existing investments, as well as presenting new market opportunities.

Increase developer productivity

Visual COBOL’s integration capability with Eclipse significantly increases developer productivity by leveraging Eclipse tools, improving time-to-market for new products and capabilities.

Protect existing investment and intellectual property

Existing COBOL applications have extensive business logic built into them, which contains valuable competitive advantage. Being able to use these applications in new environments for decades to come ensures that both investment and market opportunity are maximized.

Applications developed in Visual COBOL are deployed on the COBOL Server deployment environment. 

Highest levels of integration with industry-leading IDEs

Delivers the ultimate level of developer productivity, enabling powerful composite applications to be built and highlighting errors instantly.

Local and remote development (Remote Development Option)

Visual COBOL developer Hub removes unnecessary steps from developing for remote Unix and Linux servers.

Traditional and modernized COBOL syntax

Quickest time to results with the highest levels of compatibility with existing COBOL. Modernized syntax allows developers that are new to COBOL to be productive quickly.

Deploys to the modern platforms

Better solutions can be built with COBOL as a full .NET Language, and with COBOL tightly integrated with Java on the JVM.

Deploys to the cloud

The flexibility and cost benefits of the cloud are now available to COBOL Developers with Visual COBOL for Azure.

COBOL Server – deployment environment

Customer Testimonials

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    VISUAL COBOL is the fountain of youth for all legacy COBOL shops.

    Mike Howard,
    Unicon Conversion Technologies, Inc.

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Windows 8 Compatible

  • Windows 8 Compatible