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Visual COBOL is a powerful development environment for COBOL applications. By integrating with Eclipse and Visual Studio, Visual COBOL enables a new age of application innovation, with unrivalled portability and performance for distributed COBOL applications.

With smart editing features, multi-platform compilation and advanced debugging tools, Visual COBOL is the simple way to modernize your COBOL applications. It supports Cloud, mobile, .NET and JVM, and a wide range of the latest environments.


Visual COBOL is the next generation toolset for COBOL application development. It brings the power of Visual Studio and Eclipse to COBOL development and offers the broadest choice of deployment platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux, .NET, JVM, and the Cloud.

Maintain, develop and modernize COBOL apps using Visual Studio and Eclipse
The world’s leading development platforms are now available for COBOL developers. Providing COBOL developers with first-class development tools and enabling C# and Java developers to collaborate with COBOL apps all from the comfort of their existing toolset.

Java Virtual Machine
Compile your existing COBOL programs directly to Java Byte Code and deploy to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Java Application Servers. Combine Java and COBOL on the desktop, on the web or from mobile devices

Microsoft .NET
Compile your existing COBOL programs directly to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) and deploy to the Common Language Runtime (CLR). Combine COBOL with C#, VB and other .NET languages on the desktop, on the web or from mobile devices.

Visual COBOL supports your IT landscape today and tomorrow

  • Platform coverage for Windows, Unix, Linux and zLinux.
  • Database support for Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and open source.
  • Deploy COBOL apps as native code or as managed code, within Java Application Servers or Microsoft .NET.
  • Build visually stunning desktop applications, create rich internet applications, access COBOL apps from mobile devices, quickly and easily integrate COBOL with other languages and much more. The most comprehensive coverage for your IT landscape - all under one roof.

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Why Visual COBOL

Visual COBOL builds on the class leading COBOL compiler products of the past but includes support for contemporary application development and deployment:

  • Market leading efficiency gains
  • Multi language collaboration
  • Industry leading IDE integration
  • Support for disruptive technology integration including Mobile and Cloud
  • New platform and managed code support

Visual COBOL also continues to evolve and reinforce the key attributes of COBOL, the world’s most pervasive business language:

  • Future Proof
  • Portability
  • Fitness for purpose
  • Readability
  • Heritage

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Visual COBOL Screen test

COBOL Development before and after - take an interactive screen test

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