Beyond green: The future of the iconic mainframe interface
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Dramatically improve business efficiency with Micro Focus’ class-leading user interface (UI) modernization technology. It's the risk-free, cost-effective technology to streamline your business processes. Micro Focus Rumba is where green screen applications meet modern interfaces to boost operational efficiency and improve user experience. Enable users to access mainframe applications wherever, whenever - on web, mobile and desktop.

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RumbaThe world’s most popular terminal emulator gives connectivity from Microsoft Windows, iPads or web browsers to almost any host system.

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additional productsRelated products that serve a variety of user interface modernization needs.

“For many years Rumba has given us great performance. It runs effortlessly and without any problems. Our regular market assessments have always come out in favour of continued use of Rumba and our recent upgrade is testament to our ongoing commitment. We envisage using Rumba far into the future”

– Adam Rates, Senior IT Manager, Allianz UK

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Enhance your business performance with Rumba

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Simplicity - complex multiple screens can be sanitised into simpler interfaces to reduce the complexity, time and chance of error for end users

Efficiency - modernizing core applications without having to change the underlying application accelerates vital business improvement; meanwhile modern controls provide a more intuitive, efficient interface for users and customers.

Mobility – the enduring value and importance of core applications are now available 24/7 through web, desktop and mobile interfaces, providing greater operational flexibility and access