Top 5 reasons to move to Rumba+

Rumba - Terminal emulation never looked better

Rumba+ Introduction

Where green screen apps meet modern interfaces, accelerating efficiency and enhancing the user experience. Provide core system access from Windows, iPad or your web browser – without the risks of new code or reprogramming.


Avoid risks with Rumba
To more than three million users, Rumba is proven, popular technology. And we've made it even better with Rumba+
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Gain and save
Swapping your current terminal emulator for Rumba could halve your costs and boost productivity.

Affordable and code-free
The next generation of Rumba is within everyone's reach. And because it needs no new code, anyone can deploy it.

Friendly user interface
Your entire application made more usable with all the features and controls of Windows. As simple as drag and drop.

Risk-free modernization
Legacy applications modernized at the click of a mouse. No reprogramming, no specialist knowledge requirement, no risk.

One customization, multiple deployments
Easily apply the same customization settings to a single user, department, group – or the whole organization.

Go mobile
Your host application is available wherever, whenever. Enjoy full functionality, whatever the device.

See things differently
See your user interface in a new light. Your host applications get a modern, fresh new look and feel.

Product Features - Rumba

Rumba is the proven enabling technology. The terminal emulator of choice for more than three million users.

  • Connection to multiple sessions simultaneously through tabs, or choose to show multiple sessions in one window. The ability to access multiple applications at once and easily navigate to the window session as needed.
  • Recording of all activities for history, compliance, activity monitoring, or training purposes.
  • Certified for Windows 7 and Windows 8, including support for functions such as snap, enhanced power management, problem step, recorder and roaming user support.
  • Certified Microsoft Office allowing users to interact directly from Rumba with Microsoft Office applications, including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint.
  • Enterprise grade security where client-to-host communications are secure and in-line with the organization’s host security standards. Rumba is FIPS 140-2 certified SSL and SSH technology for secure terminal and FTP sessions to host computers.
  • Automatic hyperlink and email address detection, including URL, mail-to and File URI support.
  • Single iSeries sign-on via Kerberos technology, following IBM and Microsoft integrated technology.
  • Spell checking and custom dictionary support, allowing dynamic spell checking and user text entry, with the ability to change dictionary language and add custom entries to the dictionary. Dictionary is available in English, French and German.
  • Scripting to enhance user experience and productivity, with the ability to extend functionality by building .NET applications with Rumba APIs.

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Product Features - Rumba+

Rumba+ meets today’s business demands by providing core system access to users from wherever they need it, 24/7.

  • Screen identification creating a unique SID for each 3270 or 5250 map.
  • Modern WPF controls added to green screen applications to modernize 3270 or 5250 input fields, such as VOIP or Google maps, bridging green screen applications data to launch external applications.
  • Extend the reach of green screen applications through 3 Rumba+ clients: Windows, iPad or web.
  • Code-free modernization with Rumba Screen Designer. Add WPF controls to green screen applications with no programming requirements.
  • Unified custom modernization deployed to all end users, including mixed end user clients such as Windows, iPad or web.
  • Natural language modernization rules engine enabling contextual and conditional controls over multiple green screens without specialized programming requirements.
  • Custom control to extend the existing controls built in Rumba+. Additional WPF controls can be easily added and only limited to developer’s imagination.

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Supported Environments

HostRumba 9Rumba+
Mainframe 3270TickTick   Tick2Tick2 Tick2 
AS/400 5250Tick  Tick  Tick2 Tick2 Tick2 
Unix-VT, HP/MPE, WYSE 50/60Tick   Tick    
Printer EmulationTick Tick Tick  Tick2   
File TransferTick Tick Tick Tick Tick2