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Testing & ASQ Solution

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Accelerate testing and deliver high quality applications on time

IT managers charged with ensuring application quality are confronted with a number of critical business challenges:

  • Verify that applications function as expected and fulfill business requirements
  • Test multiple heterogeneous application technologies
  • Meet ever-more-rapid release schedules
  • Achieve the right balance between risk and quality.

If that weren't enough, IT struggles with limited resources, hard deadlines that squeeze testing cycles and late-breaking requirement changes.

In the face of these business demands, TestPartner's functional testing capabilities accelerate testing and enable successful application delivery outcomes on-time, at a lower cost, with higher quality than ever before. TestPartner achieves these results through a tiered approach to testing that enables developers, quality experts, and non-technical application users to collaborate and test more in the time available.

TestPartner's visual, contextual approach to capturing business processes empowers non-technical application users to participate in the testing process. At the same time, TestPartner provides expert testers and software developers with access to Visual Basic for Applications, allowing them to solve even the most complex testing challenges. This flexibility and focus on usability allows quality teams to produce positive results even with minimal training.

TestPartner enables IT to:

  • Leverage non-technical as well as experienced testers to test applications more thoroughly in the time available
  • Collaborate throughout the software development lifecycle, resulting in higher team efficiency and greater project effectiveness
  • Automate regression testing to quicken acceptance of application patches, service packs, and other regular updates
  • Clearly and unambiguously document test results, accelerating the identification and resolution of application issues
  • Understand the results of testing, enabling confident delivery of applications that meet requirements and provide the expected business value
  • Use test results to facilitate test maintenance, providing improved return on the test automation investment
  • Build quality into applications earlier in the life cycle, leading to lower development and maintenance costs
  • Accelerate quality efforts for a broad range of technology platforms, including Web, .NET, Java, SAP, Oracle and many other distributed Windows-based applications.

TestPartner's value is further enhanced through its tight integration with Testing & ASQ solution, which improves application delivery by providing IT with the ability to more effectively assess and balance risk, cost, and schedule. TestPartner is also an integral component within Quality Management, which provides IT with the ability to control, measure, manage and continuously improve the delivery of higher quality applications. Quality Management's reporting and real-time insight into project quality status results in informed quality decisions, and allows IT to deploy applications with greater confidence.