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International Integrated Systems, Inc International Integrated Systems, Inc got its products to market 75% faster and helped one customer save $1.5 million in labor costs by using the Micro Focus Server Express development environment to create its banking package.
SNS Bank

Micro Focus’ future-proof infrastructure significantly reduces business risk


Visual COBOL delivers an efficient global ERP solution

Romão Calçados (Portuguese version)

Da oportunidade ao fluxo de receitas com Visual COBOL

Romão Calçados From opportunity to income stream with Visual COBOL
Wolters Kluwer Italy Visual COBOL enables market expansion through cloud computing
Chyun Huei Health Tech Inc. Chyun Huei Health Tech used AcuCOBOL-GT to consolidate Taiwan Department of Health’s IT across 28 hospitals, saving $17.2 million in application development costs and another $1.7 million in maintenance fees.
OM Logistics OM Logistics used Micro Focus COBOL development tools to integrate scattered systems to achieve real time access to data and increased productivity.
OM Logistics Visual COBOL Using Visual COBOL to progress existing business rules taking advantage of modern technologies
USA Truck Inc USA Truck, Inc.'s in-house team migrates its IBM mainframe applications, significantly reducing annual mainframe costs
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