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Serving a Connected World – Preparing for the Data Revolution - find out why Micro Focus’ VisiBroker™ is the platform of choice for the development and execution of enterprise-class, mission-critical systems with distributed apps, data and devices.
Manage the Applications that Run Your Business - Discover how technical and business insight into your applications can help development teams to generate more results with less effort.
Lighting Your Modernization Path - This video investigates best practices for monitoring the cost, value, and risk of your application portfolio.
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Ovum - Application Modernization - a path to business transformation

White paper

Rebuilding the banking landscape – restoring customer confidence and returning to growth 

Forrester 82x43
Forrester Research Report - Seven Pragmatic Practices to Improve Software Quality


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Micro Focus products

Caliber - Requirements Definition and Management

Enterprise - Mainframe Workload Migration and Re-hosting

Enterprise Analyzer - Application Analysis and Understanding

Visual COBOL and Software Developer Tools - COBOL and Developer Tools

Borland products

RUMBA - Terminal Emulation and Business Process Modernization

Silk - Automated Software Quality

StarTeam - Software Change and Configuration Management

VisiBroker - CORBA Middleware and Application Server