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Visual COBOL: Start a new era of innovation. Try Visual COBOL 2.2.
Visual COBOL: Start a new era of innovation.

Visual COBOL

Visual COBOLThe Micro Focus Visual COBOL Solution comprises industry-leading development and deployment tools for COBOL application teams across a variety of platforms. Visual COBOL uses the very latest technology, dramatically reduces development costs and improves application and organizational performance.


Visual COBOL

The world's most powerful, precise and high performance business computing language can now be delivered on whichever deployment platform or framework makes most business sense.

Innovate and extend enterprise COBOL applications with greater agility, developer productivity and reduced development and operating costs.

Deploy COBOL systems to new platforms like .NET, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the cloud, as well as UNIX, Windows and Linux, without changing a single line of code.

Business Challenges

Tackle a range of business challenges head-on using innovative technology that reuses tried and trusted skills and systems.

  • Cloud - Exploit new Cloud opportunities by deploying proven business services without change.
  • Mobile - Support BYOD and new service demands by enabling working systems to be accessible from any device.
  • New Architecture - Take existing investments forward into your chosen new architectural blueprint.
  • Skills and Organization - Unify your approach and tooling in development to build the most collaborative teams ever.
  • Developer Efficiency - Industry-leading IDE technology enables the creation of totally portable core applications faster than ever.

COBOL – designed to ensure business applications meet business demands

Micro Focus compilers and tools enable developers to build, maintain and enhance existing enterprise COBOL applications. Now you can reduce development times using tools such as Visual Studio or Eclipse that offer greater developer productivity, as well as enable you to use other technologies to enhance your COBOL applications,such as WPF, WCF, JavaFX, HTML5, Silverlight etc. seamlessly within the same environment.

Building new enterprise business applications using Micro Focus COBOL means you:

  • Reduce costs through modern IDE based tools
  • Address skills gaps by using industry standard tools and commodity skills
  • Improve competitive advantage as you build powerful composite applications with mixed languages and technologies

Modernizing existing enterprise business applications with Micro Focus COBOL means you:

  • Extend the value of business applications by building on existing intellectual capital
  • Improve competitive advantage by focusing on what delivers value, not re-creating what you already have
  • Innovate through new solutions, new delivery methods and modern User Interfaces.

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Deploy your core systems wherever they are needed

Performance, accuracy, reliability and portability are the cornerstones of COBOL's success. Micro Focus has extended this portability to a vast range of platforms, including .NET and JVM. So you benefit from cost-effective commodity hardware and software.

COBOL harnesses the power of modern managed platforms and extends the reach of COBOL applications to mobile, SaaS and cloud-based solutions.  Visual COBOL enables you to deploy your COBOL applications on the platforms that make most business sense, and reduce cost by capitalizing on the increased performance and cost effectiveness of modern platforms.

  • Improve competitive advantage by moving existing applications onto newer platforms (e.g. .NET and JVM) without sacrificing the intellectual capital embedded in your business applications.

  • Increase business agility by deploying your applications to mobile, SaaS and cloud environments in addition to your existing UNIX, Windows, Linux, .NET and JVM platforms

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