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Accelerate mainframe improvement strategies through innovation and choice
Define. Manage. Test. Deliver better software, faster with our integrated software quality suite.


Business events drive business change: Globalization, organizational change, new legislation, competitive attacks and more. Keeping business applications relevant, vibrant and delivering increased value and competitive advantage is top of every CIO's agenda.

Micro Focus has designed the products to help you meet the challenges and opportunities that change presents. Our approach enables you to:

  • replicate existing deployment technologies to maintain business value
  • ensure portability, neutrality and openness for the future
  • take advantage of the next generation of better, faster, cheaper hardware and software architectures
  • meet the demands of the mobile, web enabled communities of tomorrow

Our application lifecycle products address the following core demands:

Visual COBOL

Mainframe Solution

Application Delivery and Testing

CORBA Solutions

Innovate and extend enterprise COBOL applications with greater agility and developer productivity, and reduced development and operating costs.

Deliver safe and cost effective modernization with an application re-host.

Address IBM mainframe modernization needs. Faster application service delivery is achieved through unparallel improvements in mainframe application development, testing cycles and workload execution.


Take control of the ever-growing variety and complexity of applications, systems and partnerships. Achieve high quality and efficiency in every aspect of the software delivery process - from requirements through to delivery.Application Integration using CORBA and Web Services. With high performance, extreme scalability, and enterprise security, our offerings run mission-critical systems in the world’s largest organisations.