Micro Focus® solutions
Smarter mainframes achieve DevOps levels of efficiency
Remove the bottlenecks IT Backlog

Delivering enterprise time to value

Faster Mainframe Application Delivery

Whether you are looking to DevOps or conventional application modernization to improve service delivery, the Micro Focus Enterprise solution set can enable your organization achieve value back to the business faster than ever before through improved continuous integration.

If you work to an agile or waterfall methodology, are thinking of DevOps or considering other methodologies to improve service delivery, Micro Focus' products for IBM z Systems make your mainframe work even smarter. We accelerate Time to Value for core mainframe applications and help tackle the growing IT innovation, maintenance and compliance backlog.

This technology transforms mainframe application analysis, modernization, development, testing and workload optimization to achieve faster application service delivery.


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Gain rich technical insight into the inventory and structure of the application portfolio. Accelerate IT change and achieve business-level perspectives on applications.

User experience

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Accelerate efficiency and enhance the user experience. Provide core system access from Windows, iPad or your web browser – without the risks of new code or reprogramming.


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Streamline mainframe development by exploiting contemporary Eclipse or Visual Studio technology, providing fast mainframe integration and remote development capabilities.


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Remove the bottleneck and the risk to delivery schedules that quality, cost and time challenges cause. Break down capacity barriers, introduce flexibility and exploit application modernization


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Redistribute mainframe application workload, allowing new flexibility into IT operations that more closely support the business.