"It's Visual Studio! New developers start with a familiar environment and the IDE is highly configurable, making development with Visual COBOL much more productive."

Greg Condon CTO, Aquilon Software Download the Customer Story

"Using the outstanding COBOL application compilation and debugging features with Enterprise Developer for zEnterprise, we have been able to create a very innovative offering for our clients."

Denis Gaudefroy Business development Director, Steria Download the Customer Story

"PlateSpin Migrate helped us completely transform our infrastructure while our staff and clients went on with business as usual."

Tom Lockhart IT Systems Manager, Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Health Unit Download the Customer Story

"Using Silk Performer, we saw a four-fold increase in the concurrent members we can support, and we recorded response times on average of under two seconds, which is excellent for the volume of applications going through the system."

Geoff Ellis Director, IT Application Development AAA Life Download the Customer Story

"ADARIS supported us with the preparation, installation, configuration and training ... ensuring a smooth and quick transition. I truly believe we would be at least 18 months behind where we are without their support."

Robin Seaman Acting Network Manager for CTS, Alberta Justice Download the Customer Story

"Reflection offers much more than powerful and reliable terminal emulation. It's essentially an 'automation center' that has enabled us to reduce errors to zero and claims-payment processing time by 50%."

Eben Yong MIS Manager, Health Plan of San Mateo Download the Customer Story