Our brand is a unique business asset and the result of decades of investment. Being consistent with all of our audiences—customers, partners, analysts, and the marketplace—is the key to protecting it. Use these legally-protected, specially created components and stick to the guidelines. The logos, colors, typefaces, and imagery will ensure our brand is perceived correctly, whatever the context.

LEGAL NOTICE: By downloading any Micro Focus branding element, you agree to use the downloaded elements in accordance with the Micro Focus Branding Guidelines.
Any improper use of any of the branding elements on this site is considered a violation of the Micro Focus Branding Guidelines and is prohibited.
PARTNER NOTICE: If you are a Micro Focus Partner or working with a Micro Focus Partner on a campaign and using an image purchased by Micro Focus, you need to ensure that the photography house understands you are doing so on behalf of Micro Focus and that all necessary copyright license fees are met by Micro Focus.


Primary Identity

Where there is space for nothing else, our logo speaks for Micro Focus. Therefore, we must be careful how—and where—we use it, particularly as a standalone icon. Our logo is legally protected so whether you're creating the Annual Report and Accounts presentation or building out a campaign landing page, it's important that you stick to the guidelines.

The Micro Focus logo should appear in MF Blue (Pantone Process Blue) or the CMYK equivalent (100, 4, 0, 9) on either white or light gray. In circumstances where this is impossible, the Micro Focus logo may be reversed out of a color or image. The registered trademark, ®, appears to the right and on the same cap height as the logo. The logo should never be printed smaller than 1-inch (25.4 mm) width.

Clear Space Requirements

While there is plenty of room for creativity in our materials, the logo is not one of those areas. Ring-fence the logo and protect the brand. Check out the guidelines to the right. As a rough guide, if you can't repeat the word “Micro” on the top or “Focus” on the bottom of the logo, then the space is too tight.

primary identity
alternate applications
ALTERNATE APPLICATIONS: The Micro Focus logo can also be applied in black or reversed out in white.
clear space
CLEAR SPACE: Maintain the minimum space shown here or more and avoid surrounding the logo with other imagery or textures. Clear space is defined as the width of the inner shape of the logomark.


Place the logo on white or light gray background

Adhere to the minimum size standard of 1"

Place the logo on minimal backgrounds

Use the approved reversed versions

Do Not

Do not use any color other than authorized Colors

Do no italicize, skew or stretch the logo or letters

Do not place the logo on overlay busy backgrounds

Do not alter the size of the mark in relation to the logo

Use the approved reversed versions

Do not alter the spacing or relationships in the logo
The Micro Focus Logomark

The logomark is the word-free part of the company logo. Think of how Apple uses their bitten fruit—it's the same idea. However, we're a long way from that level of brand recognition, so use the full-fat logo instead of the 'focus mark' wherever you can. Use of the focus mark is only suitable when there is really no space—say on a promotional pen—or where the full logo already appears elsewhere.



US Government Solutions Logo

We work closely with the US government and as such have a specific brand that is used to represent Micro Focus Government Solutions (MFGS) in an appropriate way. Within brand central you will find MFGS specific logos, email signatures, and a PowerPoint template, only to be used by authorized Micro Focus Government Solutions employees.

US Micro Focus Government Solutions exists to support the needs of the U.S. Public Sector. We are a purpose built, fully mitigated, 100% U.S. based company.

clear space
CLEAR SPACE: Maintain the minimum space shown here or more and avoid surrounding the logo with other imagery or textures. Clear space is defined as the width of the inner shape of the logomark.
alternate applications
clear space

Co-Branded Lockups

We work closely with our partners and expect to share space with them on published assets. However, compromising our brand is not part of any deal. Some partnerships are more equal than others, so the vertical lockup has our logo uppermost where we are the major player. The horizontal lockup represents a true 50:50 partnership, with the partner logo on the right. Logo protection rules still apply in both cases.


Color Palette

Color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent. The way we combine our house colors is unique to Micro Focus. Other organizations may borrow colors from this palette, but they don't use them the way we do. Preserving our particular brand palette keeps the Micro Focus brand identity unique. Use our colors as described, and you're all set.

Why these Colors?

Research has reinforced that 60 percent of the time people will decide if they are attracted or not to a message based on color alone! We talk primarily to C-level decision-makers who look to Micro Focus to solve their big IT challenges. They trust us with the hardware, software, and processes that run their businesses. Blue is the color of authority, trustworthiness, dependability, and reliability.

Brand Color

This is the go-to color. It should be the featured color on your web pages, at your events, and on all marketing collateral, period. Brands communicate meanings with the language of color. Our color will evoke association with power and strength when used consistently.

Brand Blue
rgb (0, 121, 239)
cmyk (100, 5, 0, 0)
pms Process Cyan
W3C Compliment
rgb (0, 115, 131)

Primary Colors

The primary colors complement the Micro Focus Brand color. Use them to add variety, differentiation, and to avoid deep-blue overkill. Remember, blue is the brand color—and that's us. If you are not sure about how to use each color, err on the side of using the brand blue.

rgb (2, 0, 60)
cmyk (100, 95, 0, 75)
pms 289C
Dark Blue
rgb (35, 28, 165)
cmyk (97, 95, 0, 0)
pms Blue 072
rgb (116, 37, 173)
cmyk (68, 91, 0, 0)
pms 267
rgb (198, 23, 157)
cmyk (24, 95, 0 0)
pms 240
rgb (41, 206, 255)
cmyk (60, 0, 0, 0)
pms 298
rgb (47, 214, 195)
cmyk (60, 0, 34, 0)
pms 333
rgb (134, 218, 100)
cmyk (55, 0, 100, 0)
pms 376

Monochromatic Colors

These neutral shades fill the space between the colors. They give the primary and secondary palates more impact. Use these anywhere—but not at the expense of the brand blue. For example, these are not suitable for words, but can fill in the background shade of a text box.

rgb (255, 255, 255)
cmyk (0, 0, 0, 0)
Slightly Grey
rgb (245, 247, 248)
cmyk (3, 1, 1, 0)
pms 656
Bright Grey
rgb (236, 238, 239)
cmyk (6, 4, 4, 0)
pms 649
rgb (220, 222, 223)
cmyk (13, 8, 9, 0)
pms Cool Grey 1
rgb (189, 190, 192)
cmyk (26, 20, 20, 0)
pms Cool Grey 2
Dim Grey
rgb (101, 102, 104)
cmyk (60, 51, 49, 20)
pms Cool Grey 9
Dark Grey
rgb (50, 52, 53)
cmyk (71,63, 61, 57)
pms Black 7
rgb (0, 0, 0)
cmyk (0, 0, 0, 100)
pms Black

Status Colors

A status color can provide information about an element's current state, such as if a button is enabled or disabled. Colors indicating a change of state should be noticeable, as subtle differences in color may be missed.

rgb (229, 0, 26)
cmyk (4, 100, 63, 0)
pms 208
rgb (244, 139, 52)
cmyk (0, 55, 89, 0)
pms 715
rgb( 252, 219, 31)
cmyk (3, 10, 96, 0)
pms Yellow 012
rgb (26, 172, 96)
cmyk (80, 4, 85, 0)
pms 3405

Color Palette Downloads


Primary Font—Calibri

This is the default typeface that all employees of Micro Focus use in a variety of places—emails, presentations, general Word documents, invoices, and other customer communications. Calibri is a sans-serif typeface and is readily accessible as an operating font on Windows and Mac. It is a clean, flexible font designed to make text easier to read on monitors.


Web and Design Font—Aktiv Grotesk

Consistent typography underpins a successful brand. Aktiv Grotesk is as much a part of our visual identity as our logo. Many companies including Apple, Microsoft, Lufthansa, BMW, 3M, and American Apparel all use a version of Helvetica—a close relative of Aktiv Grotesk.

Obtain Aktiv Grotesk
To request the Aktiv Grotesk fonts or for help with a marketing project, contact Brand and UX directly through the Marketing Requests page.

Font for All Languages

As a global company, we try to meet all of the needs of our worldwide communications. It's important to keep our brand identity consistent across all languages. When selecting a font, please try to use a simple, clean, and sans-serif typeface— whether it is Arabic, Cyrillic Latin, or other double-byte Asian language.


Icon Library

Icons are hassle-free and less distracting than photos and can be deployed pretty much anywhere for maximum flexibility. Being language-proof, they require no translation. Not sure how to describe a solution area or similar field? Then try capturing it as an icon. We can create a custom icon for you if you don't see what you need in the library. Just please don't create your own.

Micro Focus Presentation Icons

Icon use varies based on where you intend to place the icon. Icons are available for printed documents, electronic documents (such as PowerPoint presentations) and the web.


Use only approved icons from the downloads below. Do not create your own icons.

Need a custom icon?
Request one from Brand and UX using the Marketing Requests page.


Customers like to see themselves reflected in our materials, so we want them to see people just like themselves using our products. We use sophisticated imagery that stands out. Cheesy stock imagery won't cut it, so select images that illustrate customer environments, portraits, and workplaces that represent the world of Micro Focus in a realistic way.

  1. Environments
    Images that portray a literal or conceptual environment. These images will often serve as a textural backdrop to marketing pieces.
  2. Customer Portraits
    Crisp, clean portrait images of the people who make up the Micro Focus customer market.
  3. Customer Workplace
    Images that show Micro Focus customers working in their various industries.

Image Inquiry?
If you have questions about purchasing an image, please submit a request to Brand and UX through the Marketing Requests page.
Image Library
Browse the images that are available for download.

Selecting an image:

You can obtain (royalty free) images from stock photography sites. When you do, please submit a request to Brand and UX through the Marketing Requests page:

  • Ensure you purchase all images and follow all image usage rights.
  • Choose only high-resolution photos.
  • Keep the background simple, clean and uncluttered.
  • Use unique cropping and unique angles to make the photo interesting and compelling.
  • Wherever possible, use colors from the Micro Focus color palette.
  • Always be conscious of ethnic and gender diversity.