Micro Focus Products

Product branding is an important element of our overall branding strategy. The following section provides our product UI brand guidelines and our product naming strategy.

Product UI Brand Guidelines

The product UI brand guidelines provide a good idea of the consistency that should be displayed between all of our products, including interface and web design.

The UX portal offers:

  • Detailed UX and UI Guidelines and best practices.
  • Links to development resources—minimizing R&D efforts.
  • Usability study toolkit—making listening to our customers easy!
  • Links to core brand materials—logos, images, icons, and fonts.

Product Naming

Our Naming Strategy

With a product portfolio the size and breadth of Micro Focus, it is important to follow a naming structure that creates a simple yet consistent treatment for our products.

We follow a specific formula for naming: Micro Focus + Product Name + Description. For Example: Micro Focus + Reflection + for IBM 14.1.

When writing about products, this formula should be used in the first occurrence on any webpage or document. Any subsequent mentions may be simplified by removing Micro Focus to help improve readability.


Product Wordmarks

In maintaining the master brand strategy, it is important to use proper product wordmarks. These wordmarks combine the Micro Focus logo with the specific product name set below in Aktiv Grotesk Bold.

Request a Product Wordmark
Please submit requests for product wordmarks to Brand and UX using the Marketing Requests page.