Micro Focus Templates

Simple templates ensure brand consistency when it comes to presentations, standard literature, signage, and other marketing materials. Producing these marketing materials is fast, efficient, and easy when using these brand-approved templates.

PowerPoint Presentation

Template Usage

We use a lot of PowerPoint. It's useful for our employees and our customers to summarize points during a live discussion. Use these pointers to create better PPTs:

  • Start with solid content—the format won't cover up weak material.
  • Verbs work harder than nouns in headings.
  • More than any other medium, every word counts on PPT decks, and less is more.
  • Aim for four or five bullet points, at six words per bullet for each slide.
  • Give credit, and get credibility, by including your sources.
Dark Gray Theme

The dark gray-themed template should be used in large-venue presentations and keynotes. The lighting in these settings is generally such that a background with less ambient light will be more appropriate.


You shouldn't tell the whole story in the slides. If you do, your audience will be busy reading the slide and not listening to you. Take advantage of the Notes section or a handout for background and context information. By adding your narrative script to the Notes section, you also enable other presenters to use the deck. Your Notes should support the central script. Don't stray too far from those bullet points.


Graphics should augment, rather than detract from your point, so please use sparingly. Choose your images carefully. What works on the laptop may not look so great from a distance. Factor in the room lighting—if it's bright, your images may suffer. Graphics must work with the color scheme of the corporate deck, so some look better than others. Use screenshots of products in action with caution, and no clipart—EVER! It's not a good look for a multi-billion dollar operation.


Standard Marketing Collateral

What is Standard Marketing Collateral?

Marketing Standard Collateral refers to Micro Focus's twenty template assets such as flyers, data sheets, white papers, etc. A complete list is here. Collateral should focus on products, solutions, services, or partnerships and should have a shelf life of six months or longer. Standard Collateral has a very defined template with required fields. For standard collateral, you should submit a request through the Marketing Request page, standard collateral option.

Examples of marketing standard collateral:
Case Study
Conversation Card – Internal Only
Data Sheet
Flash Point Paper
Renewal Cheat Sheet – Internal Only
Renewal Highlights
Services Data Sheet
Top Reasons
Value Brief
Version Comparison
What's New
White Paper


Marketing Collateral Process

Please follow the four-step process. Doing so will simplify the creation process, avoid duplication of work and ensure a consistent look and high-quality localization. As a result, we'll produce instantly recognizable and compelling literature worldwide.


Plan around crunch times: The weeks surrounding large corporate events are particularly busy. Please make allowances in your content creation schedules.

4 Steps
step one
Download the Standard Collateral definitions to determine which asset type you should use.
step two
Begin by defining the objective, target, audience, and messaging for the product, solution, service, or partnership. Make sure this information is well defined and comprehensive, and that everyone on the offering (product, solution, or service) team has signed off on it.
step three
Download the appropriate collateral writing template. You can either create the content yourself or work with a Marketing Services Writer.
step four
You can engage with the writer or submit your Standard Collateral Request, Marketing Request page. Any questions please contact Content Production.

Paper Specifications

Printing and paper quality add to the impression the Micro Focus brand makes. Use uncoated paper stock for all printed materials. It gives our communications a look and feel that is contemporary, simple and clean.

Uncoated Cougar Opaque Smooth (80# text) is ideal. If this is not available, use a bright white, uncoated sheet with a brightness of 92 to 96 and an opacity of 97 to 101.

Printing Techniques

Always use the highest-quality printing. Whenever possible, use PANTONE colors to accurately reproduce the Micro Focus color palette. When it is not possible to use PANTONE colors, use the four-color-process (CMYK) equivalents. These options are available at copy centers worldwide.

Micro Focus Color Palette
You can view the Micro Focus Color palette here.

Writing Micro Focus content

For creating content for Micro Focus Standard Collateral, these templates have been developed to assist and streamline your efforts. Micro Focus communications must convey the Micro Focus story with a single voice and consistent style. We need to use both content and format to accomplish this. Only then will our marketing, promotional, and sales programs build the Micro Focus brand, create confidence, and strengthen our current position in the industry.

For writing assistance, please make requests through the Marketing Requests page, and select Brand and UX.

Writing Style Checklist

If you are writing your own content, please keep the following in mind, and use the Micro Focus Writing Guidelines.

  • Write with the customer in mind
  • Organize purposefully
  • Use a positive tone
  • Write to express, not to impress
  • Avoid buzzwords, jargon, and clichés
  • Use strong verbs
  • Be clear, concise, and complete

Letterhead & Word Documents

General Business Word Documents

Use the letterhead and general business Word templates for non-promotional documents that do not fall under the scope of the sales collateral categories.

business paper


Desktop and Mobile Wallpaper

Now you have the opportunity to spice up your computer and add Micro Focus branding to your background. Each package below includes a widescreen, full screen, and mobile version of the design.



As with all of our content, we want to make sure our videos look and sound like Micro Focus. Please make sure you abide by all brand standards for logo usage, fonts and color pallet, and your script uses the Micro Focus tone of voice. Technical requirements include:

  • Video resolution: 1920x1080 minimum
  • Frame rate: 24fps minimum
  • Audio: Ensure audio clarity
  • Music: If you're using music, licensing must be provided at the time of upload
  • Video uploads: Use link at the right, and provide the highest resolution, highest bitrate files you can
  • Open/close: The Micro Focus open and close screens for videos are updated for 2021 (see link at right). The opening screen is required for every video going on the web. If you do not have a specific call to action at the end of your video (and you should), use it as your closing screen as well. We have provided both .mov and .mp4 files for your benefit.

As always, the entire video team stands by ready to help you with your video needs. So, if you are working on a project and just need some advice or have a video that you'd like us to produce for you, please reach out to anyone of us on the team:

Greg Posten
Shane Silveira
Tomas Hernandez
John Escalera