6 Reasons You Should Automate Your Processes

When you should automate your IT workflows.

Six Signs It’s Time to Automate That Process

White Paper

Six Signs It’s Time to Automate That Process

10 pages

To automate or not to automate—that is the question. There are a lot of reasons why you should automate your processes, including happier stakeholders and improved cycle times.

This white paper discusses six characteristics that make a process suitable for automation.

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  • 6 characteristics to consider when deciding which processes to automate
  • Which virtues are delivered to your stakeholders as a result of automation
  • How to avoid the historic pitfalls
  • What a successful success strategy looks like

Discover what the obvious—and not so obvious—characteristics are that make processes candidates for workflow automation.

Processes that have engendered significant frustration with their stakeholders are often seen as low-hanging fruit. Indeed, they should be strongly considered simply because the flip-side of frustration is motivation for process improvement. Stakeholders who can reasonably look forward to less manual activity, fewer fire-drills, better visibility, and faster cycle times are likely to be enthusiastic for the benefits of the new system.