extend 10.1 and AcuToWeb Launch Video

Modernize and Mobilize ACUCOBOL Applications


AcuToWeb: Modernize and mobilize ACUCOBOL applications

58 minutes

Success in the age of the consumer requires a strong digital strategy. Application access across web and mobile and even cloud platforms is a must. For ACUCOBOL® organizations or ISVs, the path is clear—you must modernize your applications to remain competitive, reach new markets and grow your business.

extend® 10.1 & AcuToWeb

Designed for ACUCOBOL applications, this latest update to the extend portfolio enables ACU customers to quickly and easily modernize core business systems using the power of UI transformation, web deployment, and existing developer tools.

Now is the time to take your business applications to web and mobile platforms and into the future, with extend and AcuToWeb.

Check out this video. Discover how to:

  • Deliver an instant UI facelift for ACUCOBOL applications with a modern HTML5 appearance
  • Deploy extend applications across leading web and mobile platforms with no requirement for client-side installation or browser plugins
  • Manage a single application codebase across UNIX, Linux, Windows desktop, web, mobile, and cloud platforms
  • Realize a rapid upgrade path with no code change required for most applications utilizing standard controls
  • Reach new markets and customers with Unicode internationalization support

Getting started is simple. Complete the form on the right. Begin your journey to instant UI transformation using Micro Focus extend and AcuToWeb.