Get Business and Development in Sync with Atlas

Bring the benefits of Agile development to everyone in the team, including all of your stakeholders:

  • Review evolving business needs and see how requirement versions change
  • Assess the impact of new requirements to make informed decisions
  • Improve collaboration by communicating ideas and concepts to all team members
  • Assess Agile team progress with complete business transparency and control

Speak the same language

Business and technical teams often speak in different languages instead of having one voice. With Atlas, everyone shares a common vision, the same user requirements, and the same delivery goals.

But how do you see your peers? Explore the lighter side here, and see how you can make working as a team easier.

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Take a look into Atlas

See how Atlas makes it easier for you to capture, share, and track the progress of ideas, concepts, and requirements. Better understand unique features like Time Machine which lets you quickly understand the impact of changes in requirements. Watch the online demonstration and video now.

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