Managing Regulatory Compliance Programs Across Your Business Applications

Organizations are under increasing pressure to comply with regulations set by industry bodies or government.

Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) projects add non-negotiable, fixed deadlines to existing IT workload. If you’re responsible for enterprise IT compliance, meeting regulations with finite IT resources may hamper other innovation projects.

It is crucial to establish an IT compliance strategy that is efficient, repeatable, and comprehensive. Doing so frees up resources to focus on projects that drive business growth.

Scalable, repeatable process

To deliver a comprehensive IT compliance program, Micro Focus’s smart technology supports the lifecycle of enterprise IT compliance, enabling collaboration across key GRC stakeholders to achieve compliance obligations and reduce the overall IT burden.

Find it

Deliver the commercial and technical insight you need to plan the way forward, accelerating your development projects by as much as 40%.

Fix it

Increase efficiency by as much as 40% to enable greater flexibility in your development environment. This feeds into your own IT compliance strategy to create a scalable, repeatable and comprehensive program.

Test it

Revolutionize mainframe application testing and reduce the cost and risk of managing your data during test cycles. By reducing the time needed for testing cycles, you improve product quality and deliver a repeatable compliance program.

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