You Can Improve Business Agility

Increasing consumer expectations and competitive pressures are driving the need to release right-first-time software, faster. Agile development practices can help. Forrester has identified a 70% increase in Agile adoption, making it business imperative for many. To succeed, Agile methodologies must meet business needs and expectations. Micro Focus tools simplify requirements capture and management while enabling a faster reaction to changing business priorities.

Connecting your different teams

To be truly Agile, every team member must benefit from improved development practices. Stakeholders must be able to share ideas, concepts, and requirements. Users must relate that feedback to business needs. Developers must know what the business requires and business leaders must be able to check what’s being delivered. This is essential if organizations are to react quickly to changes in business priorities and improve business agility. Read about Improving Business Agility: How Stakeholders and Developers Can Talk and Think the Same in our free white paper.

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Improving Business Agility
Improving Business Agility
Requirements Gathering: 3 Proofpoints for Success

Agile proofpoint 1: Share ideas, capture as business needs

Clarity is key to better requirements understanding. With Borland tools, responses to requirements are shared with other stakeholders and are gathered through an email client.

The collated feedback is easily understood within the context of business needs. Agile is easier when users express ideas and concepts with familiar tools.

Agile proofpoint 2: Manage change

While analysts and product managers translate Agile team progress into clear business terms and expectations, shifting business priorities and expectations mean frequent requirements changes.

Gathering, managing, and understanding the impact of these changes on backlogs and delivery is a challenge—Borland Agile tooling automatically captures and tracks changes for Agile development delivery assets.

Agile proofpoint 3: Track progress

Accurate progress checking is all about transparency, and linking stories with requirements enables business users to review and refine requirements throughout the project.

Relating the state of any Agile delivery asset to a given business need or requirement underpins project success. Automatically capturing and tracking changes using the development team Agile tool of choice simplifies the process.

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Explore Borland’s Business Agility Solutions


Atlas eliminates potential confusion between business and Agile teams, captures and tracks changes made to any requirement and ensures maximum value from delivery teams. Product teams using Atlas can constantly stay in sync with Agile teams and organizations can better respond to market pressures.

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Micro Focus Connect

An application lifecycle management (ALM) integration solution that unites diverse application lifecycle tools and environments. The single source of truth for successful Agile management. These Agile management capabilities will unlock the full potential of your Agile environment, provide greater organizational visibility, and accelerate time-to-market.

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The complete requirements solution that aligns development to business needs. It facilitates stakeholder collaboration, rich visualization, and robust management. Software is delivered with greater precision to meet customer needs. Less re-work, shorter release cycles, regulatory compliance, and improved customer satisfaction all come as standard.

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