DevOps or ITIL: Which Is Better?

Experts debate the effectiveness of DevOps vs. ITIL in IT infrastructure operations.


DevOps vs. ITIL: Epic Struggle or Slam Dunk?

1 hour | George Spaulding and Mark Levy

Traditionally, ITIL has been the king of IT infrastructure operations, but DevOps has recently entered the playing field and has made releasing projects into an established infrastructure environment even easier—which raises the question: which is better?

Join co-author of ITILv3 George Spalding and DevOps Evangelist Mark Levy as they debate the pros and cons of each.

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  • What's happening in the DevOps movement
  • How DevOps and ITIL help IT teams manage demands by bridging the gap between IT and business
  • The different approaches of DevOps and ITIL to process automation
  • How ITIL and DevOps differ and how each can benefit your business

Find out which solution will be known as the king in IT infrastructure operations.