Are you addressing critical issues in your development process?

Length: eight pages

Agile development has been phenomenally successful. But it’s also exposed some critical issues, such as:

  • The struggle to communicate business needs
  • A lack of insight into the development process
  • A lack of evidence supporting key decisions
  • A disconnect between business and development teams

This white paper examines how organizations can align their business objectives more closely with their development process. It also provides clear steps toward ensuring that all stakeholders can collaborate, manage change, and track progress in a way that lets them quickly address shifts in business priorities and improve overall business agility.


Agile practices have typically been driven through bottom-up adoption. Individual development teams have embraced and built solutions that make sense for the organization and its technologies, as they see it, via user stories. Requirements, on the other hand, approach the issue from the other direction, being written to satisfy specific business needs.

Because of this, all too often the execution—what is being built—will be disconnected from the original request.

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Improving Business Agility
Improving Business Agility
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