From theory to reality: Secret best practices for mainframe DevOps.

Delivering new services via mobile and web? Streamlining processes to gain new market share? Improving mainframe efficiency and quality? Priorities might look different, but all are achievable.

Successful DevOps does not exclusively belong to any particular business profile or development model. Every organization can meet specific business drivers with incremental percentage improvements, and this white paper can help you every step of the way.

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  • How four global organizations with mainframes achieved DevOps levels of collaboration
  • Four steps of DevOps self-assessment to gauge how efficient your mainframe currently works
  • How to implement modern development and testing tools

The key to mainframe DevOps success is in quickly identifying and removing major bottlenecks in the mainframe application delivery lifecycle. Three major challenges are the lack of collaboration among development and testing teams, inefficient development and process integration, and limited resource flexibility to scale needed testing.

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大型机 DevOps 的实际应用

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大型机 DevOps 的实际应用

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