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The Enterprise solution is designed to help IT teams deliver better applications, faster while transforming their core business asset—the mainframe. Using the power of modern tools and software delivery practices, Enterprise 3.0 enables IT to improve the customer experience by modernizing mainframe infrastructure, applications, and process.

This latest release delivers new capabilities enabling development teams to quickly build, test, and modernize mainframe applications, onboard new talent using modern and familiar tools and easily deploy mainframe workload to distributed, virtual, or cloud platforms.

Check out this video and discover how to:
  •   Embrace Agile development practices including support for:
    •   A unit testing framework enabling developers to create automated test cases for new application code
    •   Popular Continuous Integration (CI) platforms such as Microsoft TFS and Jenkins
    •   Customizable coding standard rules from Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer that can be executed with CI builds
  •   Strengthen access control for business critical systems on Enterprise Server through enhanced authentication and auditability—including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) support
  •   Build and test mainframe applications, faster, including new smart editing and debugging tools for COBOL and PL/I
  •   Deliver data integrity for high volume critical systems through High Availability (HA) support for VSAM
  •   Simplify production data management through advanced and secure record editing tools
  •   Find and fix issues faster using new runtime diagnostics tools including patented reversible debugging aids for RHEL Intel systems
  •   Adopt the latest releases of supported operating systems and industry standard IDEs including 64bit Eclipse Neon and Visual Studio 2017

Enterprise 3.0 is one of the most exciting releases yet and getting started couldn’t be easier. Complete the form on the right. Begin your digital transformation journey to faster software delivery, better security and application modernization.

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Micro Focus Enterprise Suite 3.0—Product Launch Webinar


Micro Focus Enterprise Suite 3.0—Product Launch Webinar

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