Enterprise DevOps: The Road to the Digitally Enabled Enterprise

DevOps principles and practices were originally developed by leading edge, web scale Silicon Valley companies that were delivering software more frequently than anyone thought possible. These companies were able to disrupt traditional markets by using DevOps practices to deliver digital innovation faster and with less risk.

Large traditional enterprise IT organizations are under extreme pressure to start this "DevOps Journey". Failure to do so will put their business at risk due to the pressure of the digital marketplace. Although the goals and principles of DevOps are the same, there are many differences between the early DevOps "innovators" and DevOps as implemented in large enterprises. This presentation will highlight the unique challenges enterprises face when implementing DevOps and provide a framework on how to scale DevOps for the enterprise. Real world examples will be used to illustrate some of the most common challenges enterprises face and the solutions employed to address those challenges.

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