Converting customer demands into requirements can be a daunting task

Length: eight pages

Organizations often struggle to understand customer expectations and convert them into clear requirements. Just wanting to meet your customers’ expectations isn’t enough.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Why customer expectations are rising more rapidly than companies can handle
  • Why it’s crucial for your organization to catch up and keep up
  • How UX strategy can double your projected revenue
  • What to demand from your UX strategy tools for consistent, failsafe performance

Discover how the right tools can enable you to turn customer expectations into successful cost, time, and quality goals.


With accurate requirements in place that mirror customer expectations, you might expect development would be an easy streamlined process from that point onwards. That’s not always the case. Visually seeing the progress and status of customer requirements after those requirements have been broken down into stories by your development teams is a challenge.

It’s as if the business and development teams suddenly become divorced: they talk different languages and have differing perceptions, rather than sharing a common objective and understanding of the business goal. This makes meeting customer expectations and managing change a huge challenge: uncontrolled changes can quickly snowball into serious complications. And to manage customer expectations in a controlled way, the business must be able to adapt to change. These changes in plan are, after all, the norm—as new competitive features are discovered, business objectives are changed, priorities alter, etc.

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Customer Expectations: The Start, Middle and End of Software Development
Customer Expectations: The Start, Middle and End of Software Development

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