Download this Forrester Report—The Need for Speed: Drive Velocity and Quality with DevOps.

Does your Enterprise need a little more zip in its software delivery? Download this February 2017 Forrester DevOps playbook written by industry experts for infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals. A complimentary copy can be yours, right now. Just fill out the form!

Great products are no longer enough. Today’s customers demand speed and quality. This need for speed requires changes across the entire organization and delivery toolchain. This 17-page report provides a detailed discussion on how to achieve and sustain the speed of DevOps.

Three Key Takeaways:

Build a combined product team responsible for what you deliver to customers

  •   Move developers, along with operations, quality assurance, and release managers, into a single team that works on the entire pipeline, from commit to deployment across specific applications

Evaluate Your Progress with the five critical DevOps metrics

  •   The five critical DevOps metrics are: 1) time-to delivery; 2) deployment frequency; 3) change volume; 4) success rate; and 5) time-to-recovery

Prioritize Automation

  •   Dev and Ops pros must assemble a loosely-coupled (API-centric) tool chain, including elements like application release automation (ARA), and must integrate that tool chain with the continuous deployment pipeline

DevOps gives I&O leaders and their development peers a way to achieve the speed and quality that customers demand. This report offers I&O leaders the six-step checklist they need to achieve the speed of DevOps as well as the operating model for sustaining that speed.

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The Need for Speed: Drive Velocity and Quality with DevOps


The Need for Speed: Drive Velocity and Quality with DevOps

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