Micro Focus and the Mainframe: Decades of Enterprise Expertise

Many years after the predicted demise of the mainframe, most of the big financial, healthcare, and insurance houses still depend on ‘big iron’ to run their business processes. From sprawling, 30-ton monsters to the slick IBM zEnterprise, this is an ongoing tale of evolving technology.

Thanks for the Memory

Do you recall the IBM 350 RAMAC, which would need every one of its fifty 24" disks to store a few images? Perhaps you learned your trade using the punch cards on the IBM 701 or the magnetic tapes on the 702? As the 50th anniversary of IBM's first mainframe approaches, we're collecting your recollections for a dedicated digital archive. Pass on your anecdotes through Twitter using the hashtag #mainframememories.

What do the next 50 Years Hold in Store?

Micro Focus has been building complementary products for IBM platforms for more than three decades. Our current range of application development products enables mainframe owners to efficiently build and deliver core zEnterprise systems.

The Micro Focus Enterprise product set boosts mainframe agility and performance. We can improve the delivery of IBM zEnterprise business applications by up to 50% and user efficiency by more than 100%. Discover more about the Micro Focus Mainframe Solution and see how we can complement the zEnterprise range.

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