How Mainframe Technology Can Deliver for Both SI and Enterprise

"If successful application development depends on any one element, it is control. From the coalface of development to boardroom number-crunching, control can be the difference between success and failure."

So begins Towards Smarter Outsourcing, the Micro Focus white paper that deconstructs the barriers to successful outsourcing and describes a way forward for both SIs and client alike.

The paper looks at the wider issues through persona-based perspectives. These include:

  • The CIO view
  • The Development Manager view
  • The IT Director view

Towards Smarter Outsourcing mixes real-world insight with industry research to ensure a full understanding of the challenges facing the would-be client and SI. They include managing successive short-term contracts, agreeing on responsibility for innovation and the role of automation.

Solutions for issues

Of course, affected organizations may already be only too aware of the problems—it is the answers that are more elusive. Towards Smarter Outsourcing identifies cutting-edge mainframe technology as the common denominator that can deliver the cost efficiencies that make outsourcing work for both parties.

It can resolve individual challenges within an over-arching, outsourcing solution. Some organizations may need only one product, but everyone will benefit from a roadmap that charts a clear path towards mainframe outsourcing success for SIs and their clients.

Handled correctly, outsourcing delivers tangible benefits for all parties. To see what it could do for you, register for your free copy today.

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Towards Smarter Outsourcing
Towards Smarter Outsourcing

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