Micro Focus PlateSpin products stop disasters before the “disaster recovery” part.

Use PlateSpin® Protect and PlateSpin Forge® to defensively protect all of your apps and testing environments.

Just because an app isn’t tier 1 doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. You manage plenty of applications that aren’t deemed tier 1. They still have RTO and RPO objectives, SLAs for downtime, and you need a test environment for changes. Join us to learn how to meet these challenges with simplicity.

Request the video to learn:
  • How to drop your RTO from 24 hours to five minutes
  • How to drop TCO with PlateSpin by leveraging your existing infrastructure
  • The five stages of consolidated recovery, and how PlateSpin products make them more efficient
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Taking Disaster Out of Disaster Recovery


Taking Disaster Out of Disaster Recovery

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