3 Secrets to Better Enterprise-Level DevOps for the Mainframe

How to overcome the biggest challenges mainframe teams face today.


Mainframe Summer VUG: Enterprise DevOps and The Mainframe

1 hour

Working at the enterprise level can be challenging. View a panel discussion with industry experts that will help your mainframe teams overcome the most common difficulties.

Request the webinar to learn:

  • How enterprise DevOps differs from other DevOps methods
  • What role the mainframe plays in enterprise DevOps
  • What mainframe teams can do today to "move fast without breaking things"
  • The top 3 challenges mainframe teams must overcome
  • How ChangeMan® ZMF and other tools support DevOps for mainframe

Gain insights from some of the top authorities on enterprise DevOps and boost the efficiency of your mainframe teams.

This webinar is from the August 2016 meeting of the Mainframe Virtual User Group.