How Large Enterprises Are Experiencing DevOps Success

Discover the four elements you need for successful enterprise DevOps.

企业 DevOps:借助工具和文化降低变更风险

White Paper

企业 DevOps:借助工具和文化降低变更风险

16 Pages | Kevin Parker

For large enterprises, adopting pure DevOps can be difficult—but not impossible. This white paper outlines how large enterprises can implement DevOps initiatives into their organization through four easy technological changes.

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Enterprise DevOps is different, but the goal is still the same—delivering essential software systems safely.

Forrester analysts Kurt Bittner and Amy DeMartine wrote in SD Times recently, "[We] found that DevOps adoption varies greatly by industry and application type due to varying customer sophistication, regulatory constraints, and competitor-savvy factors." Their research correlates exactly with [the Micro Focus] experience. We see DevOps adoption led by those enterprises that are both time-to-market driven and heavily regulated. Others are not slouching and are ramping up fast behind them. Even in the public sector, and other traditionally slow to evolve industries, DevOps adoption is happening and is on every CIO's agenda.