Deep dive into Micro Focus Filr 3.4


Deep dive into Micro Focus Filr 3.4

60 minutes

The Filr team is building some very useful capabilities in Filr 3.4. View this on-demand webinar to know all about what's going to come in Filr 3.4.

Filr 3.4

In this webinar, we will present and demo the new features that would:

  • make Filr users more productive as under:
    • File request for “Home Folders”
    • Filr Web Client being able to sense browser’s language to help users use Filr better
    • Linux Client on Ubuntu (Tech Preview)
    • Email notification & report when a new share is accessed for the first time
    • iOS app Files App integration enhancements (SSO, Native UI etc)
  • help make Filr Admin life a lot easier with new controls as under:
    • Filr Administrator being able to define a global default expiration time for new shares & being able to hide LDAP id of users
    • Net Folder on Desktop: Ability to hide OR make it read only OR make it read/write
    • Enhancements to Outlook plugin: support for unauthenticated download links

We also will be sharing the steps to apply Filr 3.4 update via the online channel so that you can update, configure and use these capabilities easily with Filr 3.4