If you don't have an automated toolchain, you aren't really doing DevOps

80+ infrastructure tools—which do you want to integrate?


Continuous delivery series: How to automate your infrastructure toolchain

52 min. | Darryl Bowler, Solutions Architect

Have you run into bottlenecks while integrating your DevOps toolchain? Different environments, tools, and processes make for long lead times. Using a single automation tool supports continuous delivery by bridging gaps in the process.

Request the webinar to learn:

  • 3 big differences between system configuration management and deployment automation
  • Why you should automate your organization's infrastructure management
  • How to choose between automation via code vs. designing a workflow

Solution architect Darryl Bowler demonstrates how the Deployment Automation structure reduces lead times by automating 80+ infrastructure tools. View an on-screen demo of two different integration use cases: with Docker and with Puppet.

This webinar is part of the DevOps Drive-In series.