Integrate Your Mainframe and IAM Systems?

The world has changed around your host systems. Today, these enterprise workhorses—rich with decades of data—don't fit into your modern security framework. In fact, your modern security framework protects everything but your critical hosts. This paper reveals a practical, risk-free way to close the technology gap.

Integrating Host Systems with Modern Security Frameworks

White Paper

Integrating Host Systems with Modern Security Frameworks

11 pages

What You’ll Learn

How traditional host-access security leaves your host data dangerously exposed.

How to integrate your IAM systems with your host system—using Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS)—without disrupting business operations.

How MSS authorizes, authenticates, and audits terminal emulation access to host systems from a central location—to facilitate compliance with today's highest-level security mandates.

Like all revolutionary ideas, it makes us rethink what’s possible.

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