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Get Mobile File Sharing That Stays On-Premise

Let users access and share corporate files from the web, from a mobile device, or from their workstations, all without compromising your most important asset: security.


Meet Micro Focus Filr

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Meet Micro Focus Filr.

The perfect solution for organizations that want a secure on-premise file sync and sharing solution that integrates seamlessly with existing file servers. Try Filr for yourself and experience the benefits of secure, mobile file sharing.

Grant users easy access to corporate files from any device, anywhere at any time.

Seamlessly share files both internally and externally throughout your organization.

Give control of what’s shared and how back to the IT department.

Provide easy access to existing data without risking data security.

Meet security and regulatory requirements and increase compliance.

Evaluate Filr for yourself.

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An Introduction to Micro Focus Filr

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