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Optimize Your File Services for Expanding Data

From larger storage capacity to enterprise file sharing, Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES 2015) is the complete file networking solution for managing your organization’s expanding data.

TechTalk Webinar

Open Up your Network’s Possibilities

Length: 59 minutes

Only OES 2015 enables you to manage data growth and meet file and print challenges with these features:

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Robust clustering allows for highly scalable storage, allowing you to adjust your infrastructure to accommodate growth. Receive four additional cluster nodes at no cost when you pay for maintenance on the nodes.

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Growing data means larger file sizes and data sets, which requires larger data volume limits. OES 2015 increases the storage capacity for pools and volumes from 8 terabytes to 8 exabytes.

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Accessing data anywhere from any device is now a requirement. With Micro Focus Filr, users can access files from a secure, on-premise file sharing solution.

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Hybrid directory environment? With OES 2015, mixed Active Directory and eDirectory environments can now simultaneously access Storage Services (NSS).

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Continual investment in OES ensures that you get the most value from OES and that your organization can meet constantly evolving business challenges. Keep a lookout for OES 2015 SP1, which features Forest Support for Active Directory and is coming in July.
Learn more about how OES 2015 meets expanding data challenges and view the webinar today.

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