Changes in the competitive landscape and customer expectations are fueling the trend towards digitalization. And as more resources and interactions move online, your organization has to provide freer access for business users. However, more access leads to more risk.

Ponemon Global to Research Report
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Today’s Identity and Access Insights in One Report

Want to learn more about the current identify governance and access management trends, challenges, and solutions? Then download a new research report from the Ponemon Institute, “Global Trends in Identity Governance & Access Management.”

You can also join us for a live webinar where we'll discuss the report’s findings and how they're affecting today's access governance strategies and processes.

Follow the links below to learn more about what’s contained in the report

Survey analysis image

What's the data in the report telling us?

More Access More Risk Image

What gets sacrificed when users demand control over their information?

Room For Improvement Image

What are the challenges that need to be overcome?

Expert's Perpective Image

What does someone in-the-know have to say?



of respondents say that employees view IT security as a bottleneck when assigning and managing access rights