Business users are demanding greater control over access to information.

As a result, organizations want to empower users to manage access themselves. However, this shift of control introduces significant risk to sensitive information such as customer data and employee information. And there are gaps in controls such as mainframe systems.

Finally, the move to mobile and the Internet of Things will also shift more control to users and increase complexity and risk for organizations.

Critical Metrics

Survey respondents reported these data regarding their information access

Two thirds of respondents believe that the move to the cloud is the most significant trend they will have to deal with.
62% OF BUSINESSES view IT security as a potentially vulnerable bottleneck
78% BELIEVE THAT there is a significant impact to access management by moving to mobile
64% OF RESPONDERS said that customer information is at risk because of poor access controls
47% REPORTED THAT there is a risk to employee information as a result of poor access controls

It’s not surprising that organizations are struggling because many organizations use home-grown access request (51% of survey respondents) and access certification (49% of survey respondents) systems.

These systems are unlikely to scale and meet the demands of access to cloud systems and the pressure of the move to mobile.

As the scope of access governance programs expands, organizations will need to adopt commercial request and certification systems to further automate processes—especially those that encompass access to cloud services.